The mission of Fresher is to ensure every child can go to bed well-fed, while building wealth from health for generations to come.

The problem we’re addressing arises from the fact that a child born in a lower- income, underserved, food desert neighborhood has a much greater chance of suffering poor health outcomes as a result of poverty and poor nutrition leading to diminished attention and dropping out.

The question then is: How can we break this all too common vicious cycle of poverty, disease and academic failure and replace it with a nutritious cycle of health, wealth and skills for life?

  • Fresh Producers (everyone on the supply side) make healthy prepared food affordable and convenient by establishing purchase/prep fresh food clubs at local institutions such as apartment complexes, community centers, congregations, etc.
  • Fresh Consumers purchase Fresher Foods that pool resources to lower costs and increase convenience, while creating jobs and providing workforce skills development opportunities.
  • Fresher Futures occur through contributing a portion of all sales and sponsorship revenue into a community venture capital fund that builds equity for young people while investing in new Fresh Producers initiatives, initiating the nutritious cycle over and over again.

The solution

  • Partner with organizations working with pregnant women and parents of young children, along with those working with other populations of youth and adults, to develop, introduce and enroll people in the Fresher Food, Fresher Futures concept.
  • Connect top chefs in town with club locations and have them develop a new cadre of “community chefs” (culinary school interns, chefs who want to grow their own local food business, students of all ages, parents who like to cook) who complete the production chain by creating a variety of prepared food options that are affordable, convenient and nutritious.
  • The Change Game accelerates the pace of transformation and highlights the process by setting up constructive competitions that engage youth and community members in teamwork while motivating greater participation through prize incentives. The game can also serve as the basis of a tv/internet reality- cooking show in a mashup of Extreme Makeover: Community Edition, the (Junior) Apprentice and Top Chef, as we showcase emerging youth and neighborhood leaders making life a little fresher every day.